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About Technology (TTN Mantra)                                                               

TTN’s solution is designed around the power of Fiber Optic communication. It brings the power of Fiber into your home. This is the most future-ready technology available in the world for data, voice, and video transmission.

 What is Fiber to the Home?
 Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is an access network method that delivers the highest possible speed of Internet connection by using optical fiber that runs directly into the home, building, or office. Unlike technologies like ADSL, VDSL, and wireless, TTN brings a 100 Mbps pipeline to CPE (Customer-premises   Equipment) and has several levels of backup and fail-safe redundancies.

FTTH is unique because it removes all the bottlenecks that slow the performance of other types of networks. With FTTH, you can download files at least 10 times faster than with, for example, ADSL networks. You can upload files, such as family photos, at almost the same speed as downloading.

FTTH gives consumers access to a large choice of interactive applications, such as video communication, gaming, video-on-demand, telecommuting, and eHealth.

It is not just about technology, or about accessing the Internet faster. FTTH opens the door to a whole range of new services, delivered right to the home or office.

Why do we need fiber?
FTTH is the only type of fixed-line access network solution that is truly proofed for all future developments and eventualities, therefore the only one that it makes sense to invest in where a new network is being deployed. For example, lightning and electromagnetic interference from high tension wires will not affect fiber optic communication or cause any damage to computers or other devices connected to the network.

There are pressing environmental reasons why fiber access matters too. The reduced energy needed to build and run fiber networks means a lower carbon footprint as well.
Network operators can also upgrade the network and increase bandwidth simply, enabling them to deploy such a network without the fear of having to rip it up and start again in a few years.

Benefits to Customers

  • Technology and speed allow scaling towards Triple play services like Voice, Video (Cable) and the Internet. Application hosting, data backup, video on demand within the network are offered at lightning speed and quality.
  • Security: Data exchange on the wire is almost impossible to be tapped and stolen.
  • Reliability: Network is not affected by any kind of signal interference, be it from weather conditions or from neighboring electric circuits.